A Written Welcome

Below is an excerpt from my first written notebook.

I’ve spent many days, weeks even, trying to decide what my first entry in this notebook would consist of. I didn’t want it to be trivial, poorly written or too ‘cliché.’ I wanted nothing less than perfection. I expected so much out of my first entry that I became linguistically petrified; I was completely unable to write.

I let this notebook sit and gather dust for weeks as seemingly unusable events or apparently unoriginal thoughts passed me by, gracing my mind and yearning to be immortalized in writing only to instead be scrapped to the nonreturnable depths of the void.

This is a perfect introduction for me as a writer. I believe that thoughts, while real to you, are not by definition a presentable idea. They are undeveloped and almost primal in nature. It is not until they are articulated, either through writing or speech, that they become communicable and representative of your beliefs and ideals as a person. (Yes, I do realize this could have been stated in a much less convoluted way but then it just wouldn’t be me would it?).

This is why it was so hard for me to put pen to paper. Until the thoughts are communicated, they are nothing more than personal static known only to the thinker. As soon as the ideas are formed and words created, life is breathed (brethed? Regardless…) into these thoughts and they take a physical, immortal form. They become an observable extension of your mind.

And while yes, the paper upon which the words are written may be destroyed or lost, the concept of allowing an idea to escape out into the world is irreversible. That is why I consider it immortal. And regardless it’s a metaphor, don’t read too much into it; this isn’t a high school English class where the color of the curtains supposedly means something. It’s an aspiring writer’s attempt at an online portfolio (I guess blog I’ll begrudgingly admit). If the curtains are blue, it’s most likely because I wanted them to be blue. It’s a nice color. But I digress.

This website is a record of my written ideas and serves as a place in which I can share my writings to whomever chooses to read them. So please, feel free to browse through the inner workings of my mind and read some of the pieces that I’ve created over the last few years. Be critical (call me an asshole if you wish), be observant (actually read the stuff) and most importantly, enjoy yourself.

These are, after all, my Immortal Musings.

Evan Gakeler