My Execution

The silence was a blanket

Enveloping all that it touched

Its sickly grasp infecting

The words that I once loved

I’m a truly happy man

Who often lives in bliss

I will one day wake

To the laughter of our kids

But for now, all I hear

Is the deafening roar

Of complete and utter nothingness

As if every left hand

Of every deaf man

Is pounding painfully on my mind’s door

Wanting to hear again

My mouth now tastes sticky and bitter

As it’s littered with the cold tingle

Of unspoken words

I can almost see the tension

Not to mention, the blaringly obvious

New dimension of your face’s

Slightest contours that can only be seen

When your eyes are no longer in contention

With your ears for your mind’s attention

So I begin to question, what?

What I once knew to be true

I loved you and your perfume

The sickly sweet smell of it

Returns and it burns

Both my nose and my heart

It’s then that my heart spoke

The words inaudible

Except to those few iotas

Of both time and space

In which time never goes to waste

And the space is filled

With only time in which I wait

In which I wait for the chance

To sneak inside your mind

And steal the words that I find

To break the unrelenting silence

The interrogative glare you give me

Makes me so utterly happy

Because it means that you care enough

To be mean to me

Not just indifferent

The trembling lips of uncertainty

Taste the fear of what could be

When I hear about what would be

But know in my mind what should be

And yet can only feel differently

Because my senses enjoy nothing more

Than to play the meanest tricks on me

Because my thoughts are a mess

Since I sing about everything

You hated that “ish” didn’t you?

You once told me

“Your singing makes my ears bleed”

But that was back when we were friendly

And would argue about Blake Lively

And her beauty as she was seen

Walking down the streets of New York City

That was bliss

But “Ev” now sits here in silence

His mind racing with equations

Knowing everything he knew about you

Had to be re-known to doubt you

Silentio lacrimis ad me

But I love the silence

Its deafening roar

Gesturing towards

Our final Resolution


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