Od to the Lttr “E”

In all of the world

And throughout all of time

A more underrated letter

Than “e” you cannot find

It is the most widely used

And essential to many things

Including elephants and butterflies

Not to mention earrings

Without it, there’s no hell

But then again, also no heaven

Religion just wouldn’t exist

Nor great people named Evan

It makes up a quarter of our feelings

And is the start of all emotion

It’s a necessity to life

And central to the ocean

Without it, things would change

Like it’d be a dis when someone dies

And whenever you were sad

You’d have tar coming out of your eyes!

What a world that would be!

Where if you didn’t care, you didn’t drive

And every farewell said

Would be a book without an author, just saying “by”

So basically all I’m saying

Is without “e” the world would change

Every feast would be eaten quickly

And nothing would be the same

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