Twas the Day of Graduation

Twas the day of graduation and all throughout Twitter

All the seniors were pumped and all the juniors quite bitter

The Tweets were plentiful their quantity quite massive

Students were going crazy while for once Administration was passive

I was scrolling through my timeline stalking my friends

All the Tweets about summer could’ve filled even Tom’s head

Every tweet was so nice except for one that concerned me

It was by Matt Pike, something rather vile regarding Bernie?

But nevertheless I was excited to finally be moving on

And when looking through Twitter I knew I wasn’t in the wrong

People were giving out likes as if they were candy

And even Matt Kane didn’t mind me saying “silly”

Some people were tweeting some rather mean things

While others thought CNS treated them like kings

But regardless of what you thought about your high school education

It’s hard to deny that this place doesn’t serve as great motivation

If you loved it here, great, you’ll be smiling wide

Now move on to what’s next representing CNS with pride

If you hated it here, great, that’s alright too

Because high school can be hard and you’ve made it through

Both sides of this I saw fighting with hashtags on Twitter

As for myself I’d say that I belong to neither

While some days this school made me wish I was at the Shack

There were also some days that were great in fact

I’ve had good teachers and bad and I’ve Tweeted about both

Seems like everyone has and on this day the most

Graduation has everyone yelling like fans in the bleachers

Especially Amanda Corp about a certain AP Econ teacher

People put their phones down as the event drew near

And the Tweets started to dwindle that were in the Twittersphere

Anxiety ramped up as we donned our caps and gowns

After hours of preparations everyone’s seat was found

There were those that were brave and continued to Tweet

Keeping the outside world updated from their very own seat

As we listened to the speakers and their inspiring words

We all knew what the time was silently moving towards

As the names were called, Twitter finally fell dead

What were once words on a screen were now words in my head

Although Twitter was quiet this of course could not last

Because soon after graduation, everyone tweeted “High School went by too fast”

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