Inferno’s Cure

The world is moving towards Inferno

The once beautiful and prosperous world, now slowly declining towards an inevitable Oblivion. As it becomes easier to fabricate a lie than it is to relinquish the truth, society talks less and steals more. Steals everything, from the physical objects such as money and food to those much more valuable: ideas, time and happiness. Corruption becomes expected, courtesy: rare, and true, sincere compassion almost completely vanishes. The world is undoubtedly falling into chaos and society is to follow.

But Paradise is not loss

A single, pure feeling is still left in the world. Like a drop in the ocean or grain of sand on a beach, it is hidden among the despair and desperation. It is the spark, biding its time, awaiting the moment it can rekindle the fire of humanity. It’s there in all of us, just smothered by the constant press of a collapsing world and dying community. Its simple existence is what it requires to survive. Alone, it is worthless but through the reuniting of other long forgotten practices, it can save the world from its inevitable decline.

This feeling is Hope and it deserves the utmost Praise.

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