The Journals of a Faulted

I’m not angry they put me in here, just slightly confused. I know why they did, or at least why they said they did, I just don’t understand it. I’m a Faulted. The man next to me was a Faulted and nearly everyone in this prison was a Faulted. That was clearly obvious to anyone who looked at us from the outside. Some of us had physical deformities, some were seriously deformed of the mind, and some, like me, just simply didn’t agree with the societal norms of the nation in which were born.

It isn’t bad here though. They feed us, give us bedding and some entertainment. I’ve grown used to playing chess daily with a man who calls himself Gronto. He’s nice; in here for the same reason I am. Only once had our sentences been brought up in conversation. He has a son too, said his name was Loki… Lokito… something like that. Tomorrow I think I’m going to ask him about how long we’re in here for. He seemed to know a lot about the government and laws of Enalia.

Gronto wasn’t very helpful but something he said was encouraging. He told me that from what he knows about the prison of the Faulted, no one ever stays for more than a year. But it  did raise another question for me. If no one ever stays for over a year, then where do they go? Obviously nothing could’ve changed in a Faulted to allow them to become “acceptable” in such a short time so they can’t have been returned to society. Maybe they’re transferred to another prison? We receive new Faulteds every day but none of them ever say anything about another prison. Hopefully we get sent to some hidden camp far from normal society that is made specifically for people like us. Lordsent knows I could use a real bed right about now.

I fear for Gronto’s sanity. Today was the first time since we started playing that I was actually able to beat him in a game of chess. I can’t stress how incredible that is considering Gronto was the one who taught me how to actually play beyond the fundamentals. Even more than this though, he’s been off the last few weeks. He mentioned about a month ago that his time here was approaching a year. He seemed nervous about it but I don’t know why. I really hope he doesn’t leave though. He’s just about the only person I actually talk to in this place.

Today was the first day since we met that Gronto and I haven’t played chess. I looked for him today at our usual table but he wasn’t there waiting for me, playing by himself, as is typical for him. I really hope he was just feeling under the weather and decided to stay in his cell for the rest of the day.

As a side note, I’ve heard talks from other inmates of a rebellion. Apparently they’re fed up with the little amount of information they’re given on a daily basis and have decided to try and break into the warren’s office to see if they can discover anything. The only problem is the warren is an Immaculate and although many of the rumours about the Monks of the Lordsent’s powers are greatly exaggerated, people are still fearful of what the warren is capable of. Personally, I think it’s a waste of time.

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