We Drink to Drink

There’s a reason we drink

Why we kill ourselves

And think it wise to

Delve deep inside

The contents of the bottle

We drink to let the good times roll

Let our minds fade away

And to better the transition

From midnight to day

She drinks in hopes that once

Just once

She’ll build up enough liquid courage

To finally ask that boy

What he thinks of her

They drink to celebrate

Their state of intoxication

That leads to further consummation

In a paradox that makes sense only

To them

He drinks because

It’s the closest he can come to death

Without holding his breath

Or pulling the trigger to a gun

He cannot afford to buy

We drink because we were taught to

By none other than each other

And parents that were no better

At avoiding the seduction

Of the bottom of a bottle

So every night we gather

Like rabble tightly packed

Into a bar in which our

Problems and wits

Are left outside

Far, far aside from

The joy we feel inside

We drink because we want to

Because it helps ease the pain

And strain of a day full of

“Yes-sirs” and “no ma’ams”

That are enough to drive

The brain of a sane man


So hold your bottles high

And take pride in knowing

The Unknown and that you’re

Not alone in your endeavor

To simply smile

And have fun

On your journey

To the bottom of the bottle

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